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A 21st Century Noah's Ark Cell Bank Launched to Preserve Human (Genes) Cells from Pandemics – using Blockchain

Armadyne Cell Bank cryopreserves your younger healthy cells (genes) in case your cells (genes) are damaged, aged or mutated in the future

UNESCO regards the human genome as the "heritage of humanity". UNESCO believes it should be protected and passed on to future generations and that advances in science need to be considered in the light

UNESCO regards the human genome as the “heritage of humanity”. UNESCO believes it should be protected and passed on to future generations and that advances in science need to be considered in the light of human rights.

What is the International Bioethics Committee (IBC)?

The International Bioethics Committee was created in 1993.

The IBC is a body of 36 independent experts that follows progress in the life sciences and its applications in order to ensure respect for human dignity and freedom.

Why is the IBC looking at genetic advances such as genome editing?

A number of new techniques have emerged with the potential to dramatically change the possibility of intervening on human genetic material, including genome editing. These advances raise important questions about ethics, morality and the impact of scientific advances on the rights of individuals.

Are you confident that you will continue to fight the ever-mutating virus?

Can you protect genes that can be mutated by viruses or vaccines ?


In 2021, we humans are not fully aware of the ever-mutating coronavirus. We even know how vaccines against the coronavirus, which also mutates frequently, are involved in our body (genes and DNA) without research. not. It may be unavoidable because emergency response is indispensable in this pandemic era, but we do not know what kind of condition coronavirus and corona vaccine will be in the body in the future. .. We must pass on such ununderstood genes to our descendants. What do you do in the future, for example, if a coronavirus or corona vaccine causes mutations in the genes or DNA of your loved ones or your own offspring? At that time, one may need to repair healthy genes and DNA to fight the new pandemic. But if you already have mutations in the genes or DNA of you or your loved one, are you confident that you will have healthy genes or DNA in the future? We are in the midst of an era of such an environment. It is an encounter with an unknown world, an unknown environment, and an unknown future. To solve these problems, Armadyne Cell Bank recommends cryopreserving healthy cells in the absence of mutations. The current mutating viruses and the new pandemics that their ever-mutating vaccine environment can create are unknown threats to us humans.

What if rapid cell cryopreservation could fight the unknown? What if, in the unlikely event that your gene is damaged for some reason, the damage could be repaired? Which possibility do you choose?

Cryopreservation of your healthy cells (genes and DNA) will be the only healthy cells you can secure in the future in the unlikely event that your cells are damaged, such as coronaviruses, vaccines (mRNAs), and catastrophes or environmental destruction. It will be.


[Armadyne Cell Bank] started in 2018 with the hopes of VIPs and celebrities from around the world who are members of the medical concierge service of affiliated companies.At first, it was just a cell bank. Skin banks were used to make cosmetics that remove

wrinkles and sagging from aging skin.But in 2020. The start of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the reasons for cell banking.

[Protect genes from unknown viruses and unknown environments. ]

For this reason, the number of applications for banks from all over the world has increased.


It is known that there are many variants of the current coronavirus. The future sequelae of these ever-mutating viruses and the world's first unknown vaccine on cells (genes and DNA) are still unknown. For example, no one has an answer about the possibility that the genes of you and your loved ones are mutated after 5 or 10 years. For this reason, many of the world's VIPs, called celebrities, are already aware of this fact and have already begun to cryopreserve important cells of themselves and their families. We need to consider the possibility of the first unknown coronavirus or vaccine in history to mutate genes, DNA, or cells. No one knows if mutations will occur, but VIPs in the world have already begun.

What should risk management do to protect cells (genes and DNA)?

What should risk management do to protect cells (genes and DNA)? The best risk management is to deposit pre-damaged cells (genes and DNA) in a cell bank.

I don't know if all genes can be repaired. However, the most probable cell bank in the world is the Armadyne cell bank. The Armadyne Cell Bank is the only one in the world that has successfully reprogrammed cells. Only Armadyne Cell Bank in the world owns this technology. Important cryopreserved cells (genes and DNA) Future cells (genes and DNA) will be thawed accurately in the event that cell (gene or DNA) damage is confirmed in the future. Cultivation (effective if reprogramming is required) to prepare for repair It may be possible to proliferate and use it for treatment. These possibilities cannot be asserted because the mutations and sequelae of coronavirus and vaccines are still unknown. But without a doubt, we believe that at that time you will understand the value of healthy pre-damaged cells (genes and DNA). Unfortunately, this is not possible with other cell banks. Reprogramming cell technology can bring genes and cells back to their baby state. The cells contain a large number of stem cells. The large number of stem cells may possibly be able to reset the mutated cells (genes and DNA) to their pre-mutated state. To do this, you need to freeze healthy, unbroken skin and cells. Therefore, VIPs around the world are quick to notice this fact and are banking to this bank. * Caution * (It is safe because it is not a reset using another person's cancer cells such as iPs cells. Click here for details)


What is cryopreservation?

How does Armadyne Cell Bank acquire and store cells?

What is cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is the process of preserving cells, whole tissue, or other substances that are chemically reactive or susceptible to damage over time, by cooling them to ultra-low temperatures below freezing. At sufficiently low temperatures, enzymes or chemical activities that can damage the material in question, including the process of cell aging, are effectively stopped.​

How does Armadyne Cell Bank acquire and store cells ? 

To store cells, we have prepared several types of cell banks. The cell sample of this is tested for safety, snap frozen in a liquid nitrogen freezer and maintained at a temperature of approximately –170º C (-274º F). At this temperature, viability and metabolic properties (the biological "age" of cryopreserved tissue samples) have been stable for decades, and in the unlikely event that your cells (genes and DNA) are mutated. Wait for the stem cells to be rethawed for treatment in case or when some opportunity arises.​

Even as you grow older, the age of the cells remains stationary at the time of freezing.

Types of Cell Banking
This bank is the only banking in the world that can manufacture reprogramming cells.
Banking Process
Step 1
Order the kit

Please complete your order for [Kit] from the [Online Shop] column on the Website.

Step 2
Collect cells

When you receive the kit, collect cells according to the instructions of the desired cell bank.

Step 3

The shipping company will pick up the kit and ship it to our bank.

Step 4
Cryopreservation completed

After testing, the cells are transferred to a long-term cryopreservation facility. 


If you wish, you have the option to reprogram your adult (aged) cells into pluripotent (embryonic-like)  stem cells and store them in cryopreservation before freezing your adult cells. (Please note that Japanese people cannot place orders.)

Stem Cell Manufacturing
Reprogramming cell Manufacturing
Individual Cryopreservation

Orders that have increased sharply since last year

Orders from people who feel a sense of crisis about genetic or DNA damage due to pandemics or coronas are increasing.


Orders are increasing from those who are concerned about gene and DNA damage caused by pandemics and coronas.

Until 2019,Our bank has only been used by some foreign VIPs. However, since the corona problem began last year, there has been a flood of orders from the general public. There are many countries overseas where the laws regarding stem cells are different. In some countries, stem cells cannot be produced. Therefore, please note that some countries can only freeze.
We will cherish the precious cells that we have entrusted to us in the same way as children.

 Enrollment only Plan
Standard Plan
(1 year frozen course)
Standard Plan
(10 year frozen course)
Armadyne Coin Plan
Enrollment only Plan
Enrollment Fee
Standard Plan
(1 year frozen course)
1 year course
10 year course
Standard Plan
(10 year frozen course)
Armadyne Coin

The world's first cell bank that can use virtual currency

Armadyne Coin

Armadyne bank will be Armadyne Corp. Group. Armadyne Corp. issues cryptocurrency coins. This is Armadyne Coin. Armadyne Coin is holding a private token sale from June 25th to August 23rd, 2021. During this period, if you purchase coins of 10 million yen or more, you will get a 100% bonus. Also, 80% when purchasing 8 million yen. 50% when purchasing 5 million yen. 40% when purchasing 3 million yen. 20% when purchasing 2 million man'en. A 10% bonus will be added when you purchase 1 million yen.
In other words, if you buy Armadyne Coin for 5 million yen with your family, you will get a 50% bonus, so you can shop for 7.5 million yen, so you can do banking for 2.5 million yen for free. Become. For more information about Armadyne Coin, please visit the Atmadyne Corp. website.

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