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Skin Bank

The skin bank is a valuable gift for you in the future.

​*Important Note *About Skin Bank

Only clients with the consent of the doctor can have a skin bank. Armadyne Cell Bank can only ship kits to doctors. It cannot be shipped directly to the client. Be sure to consult your doctor and get a letter of introduction.The client must follow the doctor's instructions regarding the skin bank. Please note that the [Cell Sample Kit] cannot be shipped to those who do not have a letter of introduction from a doctor.


What is a skin bank?

Banking to prepare for coronavirus and pandemics.


See the future

With ever-mutating coronaviruses and vaccines, one is in the midst of a historical pandemic that has never been experienced before. As long as I have never experienced it, I cannot understand what will happen in the future.

This is my first experience.

For us, it is the first experience for us to have a virus that continues to mutate and an mRNA vaccine. The virus that continues to mutate, the mRNA vaccine, and the sequelae and side effects that will occur in the future are completely unknown. In this situation, news and the Internet are confusing people with content that threatens whether people can maintain healthy cells (genes and DNA) in the future. Of course, everything is speculation, and we can't even figure out what's true until a few years later.​

What would you do if your cells (genes and DNA) were mutated?

What if your cells (genes and DNA) mutate in a few years, five or ten years ? What do you do? At that time, there is a possibility that new technology that can repair mutations in cells (genes and DNA) has been developed. (For example, our reprogramming technology (cell reset / overwrite).) However, at that time, if you do not have healthy cells (genes and DNA), you may not be able to repair the information. What would you do then?​

BANK recommends risk management in an era when your healthy cells (genes and DNA) will be needed in the future.

Is there anyone who claims that your precious healthy cells (genes and DNA) haven't mutated in a few or 10 years? People living in modern times are constantly threatened by cell mutations due to environmental pollution and pandemics. We recommend that you deposit your current healthy cells (genes and DNA) in our bank.

Our Technology

Our bank has succeeded in producing reprogramming cells from patients' own cells for the first time in the world.

Reprogramming cells and stem cells can be generated before and after cryopreserving cells. If you wish, you can order as an option.

* Caution * However, please note that some countries may not be able to produce stem cells or reprogramming cells. *



Individual Private Storage

Individual private storage is possible as an option when cryopreserving cells. Cells are usually stored in the same cryopreserver as the other cells. However, it can be saved individually as an option.

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