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​TCell Bank

It is not a T cell bank for cancer.
Rest assured that there is no cell storage for cancer nearby.
Banking for a pandemic

Why? Need a T cell bank?

The new coronavirus destroys the immune system like the HIV virus.
You need healthy "T cells" to fight.

The Armadain Cell Bank freezes all possibilities for survival. The T cell bank is one of them. We recommend cryopreserving T cells so that in the future, this ever-mutating coronavirus and new pandemics that may emerge will not destroy your precious T cells.


T cells are needed to combat the sequelae of the coronavirus. Is your T cell number decreasing? Your T cells are decreasing and depleting year by year due to old age, anticancer drugs and radiation therapy. We recommend a T cell bank that can solve these problems.

Coronavirus has been shown to affect not only the lungs, but also the kidneys, heart and circulatory system. To deal with this symptom, researchers and doctors around the world have been conducting research 24 hours a day. As a result, many patients hospitalized with coronavirus have been found to have died as a result of their weakened immune system due to T cell depletion. At the same time, its symptoms have been suggested to be similar to HIV. In addition, the possibility that sequelae will remain even if the treatment is successful has become a problem.

Dr. John Welly, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania, has scrutinized the immune system of Covid-19 patients and published a paper showing a variety of immune system defects, including loss of T cells in critically ill patients. doing. In another study, researchers identified three patterns of immune deficiency, and T and B cells, which help regulate the immune response, were inactive in approximately 30% of the 71 Covid-19 patients investigated. I concluded. Many T cells obviously die as a result of the fight against the virus, depleting the body's reserves. Especially after the age of 40, the efficiency of the thymus, the organ that produces new T cells, decreases. Therefore, the mortality rate of coronavirus is higher in the elderly. It's not just the elderly. Some of these patients are seriously affected by coronavirus infection because of the low or depleted T cells in patients who have used anti-cancer drugs to treat their cancer.

* Why is it so rare for a child to get sick with the coronavirus?

Children have a very active thymus, which is a source of new T cells. The thymus of children makes new T cells faster than the virus destroys healthy cells. Newly created T cells fight the virus like a soldier.

Unfortunately, the older you get, the weaker your thymus function and the more T cells you deplete.

The Armadain T Cell Bank has solutions to these coronavirus T cell problems. We recommend cryopreserving your T cells when you are a little healthy and when you are a little younger.

T cell banking for coronavirus

It is now known that healthy and abundant T cells are needed to fight the ever-mutating coronavirus.

No one knows if you can get the coronavirus. However, if you do get the coronavirus, you need to be prepared so that the T cells to fight the coronavirus are not depleted.

The ever-mutating coronavirus is an unknown threat. 

At that time, no one knows what the state of our human T cells is.

It is your own choice to protect you. We recommend cryopreserving your precious soldier, T cells, for a peaceful future.

How to choose a Tcell bank
Which bank should never be selected?

A T cell bank that should never be chosen is a facility that freezes cancer cells.
Never freeze healthy cells in a facility where cancer cells have been frozen.
This is the words of Nobel laureate Robert Edwards. Be sure to remember it.

Also, avoid banks that cryopreserve diseased cells.

T cell banking for coronavirus

Individual Private Storage

Individual private storage is possible as an option when cryopreserving cells. Cells are usually stored in the same cryopreserver as the other cells. However, it can be saved individually as an option.

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